At. Home. Win. (OMG's from all)

I can't be the only one stunned that we actually managed to win a game at home. And it was against the Capitals, even if it was Ovechkin-less ('cause, c'mon, half of all hockey fans think that DC is powerless without AO but let's get real, they still have Green, Backstrom and Semin and that's a solid roster in itself). I did the same thing that I did for the win in Pittsburgh and jotted some stuff down while I watched to get a more accurate summary

- I didn't watch the opening faceoff. I was looking down. That's bad luck.
- So, no Ovie and no St. Patrik. Interesting.
- The Capital who had Swine Flu is recovered and making his debut against us. Yahoo. Let's give Newark H1N1.
- Pikachu with an early shot.
- AO's had 49 shots on MB30, Embee's stopped 47 of them. Not bad, Embee. not bad.
- 85 on the Caps is playing his first shift...and now he's gone. Hahahahaha. He wasn't even on the ice long enough for Doc to finish the announcement that he was there!
- In and out shot by Rolston, the horn sounded...and then it's gone. It looked like a goal.
- Great stick work by clarky. he's been impressive this season
- MIKE GREEN SUPERSTAR. He didn't do anything but Doc said his name.
- A MIKE GREEN SUPERSTAR shot is prevented due to someone going offsides.
- Hahaha, Doc brings up a good point. Malkin, Kovachuk and Ovie are all injured and that's probaby Team Russia's starting line up.
- Parise gets tripped up on the play and flies into the Caps goalie. The goalie ends up laying flat pn top of him. Zach asks if he's okay then pats him on the arm. That was probably the cutest thing I've seen Zachy boy do.
- Chico's saying that if this was during the Cold War, Russia would assume the CIA had something to do with the Top Russians being injured.
- There seems to be a conspiracy theory (Chico mentioned it AND it's all over Yahoo! Answers) that Canadian players are trying to sabotage the Russians. I repeat: Team Canada is trying to kill Team Russia...
- Tyler Sloan goes five hole on Embee.
- Embee ends up helmetless in a heap somehow.
- Jamie with a crushing hit.
- BRIAN ROLSTON! I never doubted you!! :D
- Doc calls Cap'n Langs the most energized Devi on the ice in the 2nd period.
- Does Rolston always wink at the camera or is it a nervous twitch
- I love that they're giving Jamie a lot of credit for the Rolston goal. His crushing hit cleared up space and got the puck to Robbie who got it to Brian.
- HAPPY MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Did I mention...HAPPY MEAL! THE TOOTHLESS WONDER BURGER!! God, I adore him
- He don't want none, he don't want none!!
- 4:30 left in the third and I see some Devils fans leaving. In my mind I think, 'oh, maybe they're leaving because they don't want to get stuck in traffic and with the Devils up by two goals, they're sure they' win'. And then I think, ' 7...two goal lead...third period...eighty seconds...that's less than four minutes...maybe the fans just had to pee, then'.
- Out of the box comes Alexander Semin who goes breakaway style and scares the shit out of us but luckily missed the shot.
- Caps goal. Boo.
- Caps empty net. C'mon Devs.
- "It'll take a miracle now on the part of the Caps" - Doc. Never say that Doc. Don't we remember the .2 goal by Carolina? THESE THINGS HAPPEN, you jinx.
- AT HOME WIN, MOFOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- HAPPY MEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- HOLY BURGER, BATMAN. FIRST STAR OF THE GAME IS HAPPY MEAL BECAUSE HE GOT CREDIT FOR THE ALLEGED ZAJAC GOAL!!!!!!!!!! TOOTHLESS BURGER!!!!!!!!!!! Why they're interviewing Zachy boy is beyond me but Burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niclas Bergfors (Google says it's spelled 'Nicklas' but the Devils roster online says 'Niclas'), just wow. What can you say about this kid? He's bringing good things to the Devils. 4 goals and 4 assists already. He's only 22 and I'm pretty sure this is the first season that he's getting regular ice time in the big leagues (he's played with Lowell on and off since '06) I really see a bright future for him and I'm just praying to God that he'll spend it with the Devils because we could use some  more young guns.

*SWOON!* <33333333

Road Win Super Post

Two more wins on the road which begs the question that every Devils fan is asking right now; what the hell do the Devils have against the Rock? Personally, I think Zachy Boy has stage-fright and can't perform under the bright lights of the home arena. Since I got lazy and didn't post something after the win in Boston, I'll just that review in with today's on defeating the Bolts at home.

The battle in Boston maintained the same atmosphere it always does when we play the Bruins; it was violent. I wasn't paying as much attention as I would have liked because the days before Halloween guarentee stress and running around near game-time, but I didn't see big 'ol Zdeno Chara trying to attack my poor little husband (and if you followed my old blog, you know that Big Z has an axe to grind with Cap'n Langs and just full-on attacks him when they play. I'm seriously in fear for Jamie's life when the Devils play Boston). David Clarky scored in the first period with assists by Happy Meal and Salvador which was the only offensive productivity in the first. In the second period, Patrice Bergeron snapped one past Yann Danis, who was filling in for MB30 (which was a good move considering the loss to the Sabres). Of course, Big Z got one of the assists. And the game winner came in the third period by the always smiley Dainius Zubrus, helping 2MA's Zubbie Counter (we also learned during today's game that Zub compared his goal to Bobby Orr's airbone goal which I find adorable yet inaccrate.)

Then today, back in Tampa Bay like we were early in the season. Tampa's goalie was different (I don't know which goalie was their legit goalie and which was the back up because frankly, it doesn't matter much to me). Let me just say, I love my husband Jamie Langenbrunner very, very much be he had a TERRIBLE game. First, he didn't score on the penalty shot (the one I didn't get to witness), then he helps nets Tampa's only goal on a deflection. And he doesn't score in the shoot out. Jesus, Jamie. What's the deal? Either way, Travis Zajac netted one in the first period, Steven Stamkos nets the second and Clarky Hearts takes it in the shoot out. Good game? I suppose so but I haven't really been watching the last few games due to poor multitasking.

Next up is the Capitals on home. Which, means bad things will go down. Especially against Mike Gween Thupastah...



I'm going to save some time and give you a very Scott Mackie version of last night's game.

The Good:
-Andy Greene scored.
-Jamie Langs was interviewed after the game and he had no shirt on.

The Bad:

The Funny:
-Even Doc was stunned that the Lean Greene Scoring Machine delievered. He was like 'Goal! Zach Parise! Andy Greene!

Playing at home is seriously starting to piss me off. Devils/Bruins in 20 minutes but at least they'll be in Boston this time.

Victory in the Steel City

Instead of being clever and posting pictures and bragging that we have a 5-0 record with road games this season, I'm just going to type up, almost word for word, what my notes say on my phone's Note Pad function that I took during tonight's game. I warn you, it's pretty insane.

- Starting line: ZZPOP vs Mike Rupp
- Fleury played the puck in a 'Brodeurian' way according to Doc.
- Zubrus is freaking vicious. Two crushing hits in like four seconds. Then Paul Martin goes after someone. Then Clarky tries to attack Matt Cooke. Talk about a great combination of players.
- Johnny Oduya wears Jordan Staal like a blonde backpack then throws him off like a wild bull (that's right; two similes)
- A glimpse of the Penguins bench shows that a guy doesn't have a visor. Who in their right mind wouldn't wear one? I have a full cage in youth hockey and I still thank that a puck (or stick) up high is terrifying.
- ZZPOP out again. The list of lines at the beginning of the game showed that Zub was centering Zach and Cap'n Langs. So I'm confused.
- The Penguins fans applaud for nothing. almost more than Hurricanes fans. Jesus.
- Crosby EATS the boards trying to check Paul Martin...hehehe.
- HAPPY MEAL!! I vote we bump him up to the first line. Let HIM center Zach and Jamie! The JZHAPPY MEAL line!
- PL3's playing tonight.
- Salvy gets creamed but lands on his butt so we don't have a Darcy Tucker incident. That would SUCK.
- HAPPY MEAL has a great shot but Marc- Andre Fleury gets it.
- Marc-Andre is such a freaking retard! Hahahahaha he throws it in his own net!!!! Mark Fraser's first NHL goal in his first game! And the Devils first SOG!! Muwahahaha power to the baby Devils!
- Great save by MB30 who gets leap-frogged by Geno Malkin.
- Ew, the show Mike Rupp. What a douche.
- They show him again. Okay. We get it, Mikey. You can spit Gatorade.
- Mark Fraser's goal is also the first by a defenseman this season.
- Chico's freaking making up words now. He just called Sid the Kid's short-handed goal, PP goal, and SO goal last nigt a 'sombrero hat trick'.
- ATTENTION WORLD: Sidney Crosby has changed his stick from last season. Someone inform the president.
- Brodeur, keep making saves like that on Sid the Kid and I will seriously have your children.
- I really think what Sidney just did after MB's save, though, is goalie interference. Keep out of the crease, bro.
- Zubrus gets thrown like a rag doll by a Penguin who's name I can't see.
- Pikachu's playing tonight, too.
- Fancy stick work by Mr. Zajac.
- Mike Rupp broke Pando in the already injured hand.

There you have it. Real-time comments right there. Granted, I stopped keeping track after Happy Meal's goal because of distractions and DirecTV going out because of rain but we ended up winning 4-1. MB's goal-tending was outstanding. Colin White was great offensively. Mike Rupp is still a douche, especially because he may have seriously injured Jay Pandolfo who didn't return to the game after Mike Rupp illegally hit him from behind (Rupp got a boarding penalty which is when Happy Meal scored). All in all, it was a pretty sick game, mainly being because we beat the freaking Stanley Cup Champs and shut out Sid the Kid as well as Geno.

I give tonight's 'star of the game' to Mark Fraser just because he scored his first goal in his first ever NHL game and that makes me happy inside. Go you, Mark Fraser. Go you.

Cam Janssen; the sensitive guy.

Remember Cam Janssen? The gigantic, fight-machine foward from a few season ago who we traded for Bryce Salvador? (Yes, the trade seemed to work out in the long run seeing as Salvy is one of, if not the, top defenseman that the Devils have, but I liked Janssen.) Janssen's been described as a 'monster', a 'caveman' and a 'goon'. But in last Night's Blues/Wild game, he hit one of the Wild guys and both of their sticks dropped to the ice. Janssen picked up the other guy's by mistake, realizing it was a lefty stick, and instead of throwing it on the ground or breaking it or throwing it AT the other player, Janssen skated up to him, asked for his stick back and gave the guy his correct one, cracking up the announcers who called him 'the new mellow Cam Janssen'. You can't help but giggle when you remember that Cam Janssen is this guy. Devils fans will understand the humor in this.

Another random little story I picked up on is that like a week ago, Tampa Bay had a 'naked shootout' (female hockey fans, do not get as excited as I did when you read that; it isn't quite what you think). Everytime a player didn't score, they had to lose a piece of closing, forcing little Marty St. Louis to score a goal with no socks or skates on. When you see that little body coming down the ice in flip flops, you just get out of the way.

When I say 'never doubt'...

...I mean, NEVER doubt!

I'll admit, when the Rags tied it up, I got pretty nervous. I was thinking the usual, 'way to go, Devils. Way to blow a lead'. But, wow. A lot to say to bear with me on this;

- Mike Mottau vs. Sean Avery in the first period. Admittedly, not Mottau's best fight but it was against Avery so I'll take it. Mottau fell first but he got a few punches in so, you know, you got the good and the bad mixed in. A fight is a fight.

- Two goals by the Devils in the first, one by Zachy Boy off an amazing pass by Cap'n Langs. The second goal was by HAPPY MEAL!!! (he was formerly known as 'Burger' but after his goal last night, he smiled, showing that he had no teeth, and I yelled 'happy burger, happy meal!!!')

- The Rags scored two in the second period, showing the Devils stopped paying attention after they took the league. You can't do that, Devils, it's hockey 101; play just as hard when you're winning as you would if you were losing. You get lazy, you get sloppy and they score two goals. For God's sake, Gaborik scored SEVEN SECONDS into the power play.

- Bryce Salvador...holy shit. He is a DEFENSIVE MACHINE. It's honestly like he was genetically bred TO play the postion. He dives, he stops slap shots from the point with his thigh, I thought I saw him jump up and bite clean through the calf of one of the Rags taking a shot.

- Embee-freaking-Thirtee!!!! Okay, I know I give this man a lot of grief about him being a tool and whatnot, but I give credit where credit is due and damn is credit due! 'Solid goal-tending' doesn't begin to cover it. It was OUTSTANDING. They were the kind of highlight-reel saves that MB30 is known for. Simply fantastic. A huge part of why we won last night was because of superior goal-tending.

- DAINUS ZUUUUUUBRUS!!!! Zubbie is back, ladies and gentlemen. (Speaking of which, the Zubbie Awards are over on 2MA and there's a poll going to vote for the best 'Zubmissions', & yours truly is a nominee!)

- Sean Avery was pretty quiet last night with the exception of the fight. I kind of forgot that he was on the ice for the majority of the time. It was pretty nice, in a weird, Twilight Zone type of way.

- An empty-net goal? God, I love when they aren't against us!!

All in all, it was a damn good game to watch. Great goal-tending, great defense, solid offense. Pure hockey!! See ya'll tomorrow for a game against the Pens!


Noticed this while scrolling through Devs/Rags game pics. Look who's sitting near the glass; it's the Maven! (Sorry for the bad quality pics; Live Journal does not upload them very nicely.)

Devils vs Rangers - Attempt #2

Devils. Rangers. At the garden. TiVoing 'Grey's Anatomy' to watch it tonight (oh, yes. I am TIVOING 'Grey's' tonight. That TELLS YOU that this shit is intense!)

I have no clever puns, no jokes, no picture. Just two words.


(We got this.)

Eye of the Storm

Okay, this post is going up too late for me to remember any specifics on Saturday's game, however, I do remember the main 4 points.

- First win at home, bitches!!


- Embeethirtee shut 'em out! One to tie Terry Sawchuk (the record) and two to break it!


I never got to truly rant about the horrible loss to the Hurricanes last season. Yeah, it was disappointing and it left every Devils player as well as every Devils fan left shaking their head and saying 'what the hell happened?'. It seemed impossible. A home game, Game 7, nevertheless. Third period. We're up 3-2 (and yes, I am saying 'we' because I stuck by the Devils after this loss so I damn sure get to say 'we'!!). It seemed definite. We're going to win. We're going to Round 2. There's under two minutes to go. What are the odds that Jussi Jokinen nets one past Embee with 80 seconds?

Devils fans (and players) try not panic. We'll tie it up in OT, right? That, of course, is not how it happened, though. Instead, Eric Staal puts one past our veteran goal-tender with 31 seconds remaining. That's it. That's the end. My most vivid memory of that game is Eric Staal flying down the boards after he scored. Not really much case you all forgot what that game looked like...

Feeling nauseous yet? I am.

Yes, the Devils blew their season. I don't have the slightest clue what specifically went wrong. Did the defense fall apart? Did Embee crack under the pressure? Should offense have delivered more? Was it faulty coaching? Who knows. It doesn't really matter at this point. We lost. Every fan and player wanted to cry or throw up or at least step on Eric Staal's neck. It was embarassing. It was depressing. It was humilating. And it took 80 seconds.

I almost don't blame Brian Gionta, John Madden, Mike Rupp, Scotty Clemensen, Brendan Shanahan, Bobby Holik, Kevin Weekes and Brent Sutter for getting their asses as far away from the Devils as possible considering we seemed to have a bit of a bad omen (did that list of players who bounced get longer?)

New season. New team. New coach.

We had our rematch. We shut 'em out. We wiped that smug little grin off of douchebag Eric Staal's face. Inspiring some newer pictures that I much prefer.


Need I say it? Ah, what the hell.


I don't know what to say...

Another loss at the Rock. This time to Atlanta. Well, whatever. Despite my lack of wanting to post this one because we only just lost a half hour ago, I jotted down some notes during the first period and I'll share those instead of ranting.

- Dave Schultz, a retired Philadelphia Flyer (number being retired next month, I believe) had 472 penalty minutes in 1974-1975 (5+ penalties a game if you do the math). And we thought that Clarky got a lot of penalty minutes? He only had 164 minutes.

- Big, tough, toothless Mr. Devil, Ken Daneyko is on Canada's version of 'Dancing with the Stars'. It's called 'Battle of the Blades' (essentially 'Ice Dancing With The Hockey Player') The footage of him figure skating in a tuxedo while holding a tiny woman in a sparkly leotard over his head was priceless.

- Ilya Kovalchuk is up for free agency this summer. Wouldn't it be great to see him in a Devils jersey? (Normally I'd put some clever graphic of Kovalchuk in a Devils jersey but I'm tired and GIMP takes forever to open. So use your imagination).

- Chico cannot read. I'm sorry, but he can't. Whenever they do that little Devils quote book thing, they put the original quote in text on the screen and then Chico reads it and somehow butchers it. For example, if the quote was 'We're going to play a hard game out there tonight', Chico would read it as, 'Well, you know what, I think that it's important because we're going to, you know, play a good, hard game out there and really work out there tonight'.

- Evander Kane is a black guy (well, he looks half-black) on the Thrashers. And here I thought our half-black-half-Swedish Johnny Oduya was the only one to be racially profiled! Evander took the first penalty of the game (if I recall correctly).

- "Devils playing fantastic in the first period. About fifty stolen pucks. A hit and immediate shot by Zachy Boy Parise. Clarky with a lay-down block. Jamie, Robbie ad Pando with a chance. FANTASTIC defense by Salvy on a 2-on-1 where he took it and back passed it through his legs" - exact notes for the end of the 1st.

After those notes, I have a little reminder to say something about Iyla Kovalchuk's 2nd period problem with Robbie Niedermayer. I don't know what the hell was up with Kovalchuk but he pretty much attacked Robbie, slashing his stick in half, angrily. Robbie skates away and continues the play and when the whistle sounds, Kovalchuk charges over and cross-checks Robbie in the chest.

Oh, and big 'ol Andrew Peters fought Eric Boulton. There really wasn't a winner, just flailing fists and jersey-hanging-on-to-ing.

So. Summary:

Travis Zajac scored his fourth of the season.
Evander Kane scored. I don't care how many he has this season but I think it's now two.
Rich Peverly scored his fourth of the season.
Zach Parise scored his second.
Chris Thorburn scored (short-handed) for his some-number-th goal.
Jamie, my gorgeous husband, Langenbrunner has two assists and four shots on goal.

Tomorrow against the 'Canes. At the Rock. I have faith. Never doubt, remember?

A Year Later

Tonight's game against the Atlanta Thrashers seems to pretty much be your typical early-season match-up between two Eastern Conference teams...until you take into account that it was almost a year ago (November 1st), the Devils played the Thrashers at the Rock...and MB30 went down with a torn bicep that put him out until February. Yeaaah, good times. Well, not really.

Point is, I'm wondering if Embee is shaking in his skates right now. Probably not since he doesn't seem to be a nervous person by nature but you gotta figure that going into this game, he's a little antsy. Let's just pray that he's on top of his game and doesn't pull/break/twist/sprain/crush/lose some part of his body that he needs to tend goal.